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About Us

Open Practice Solutions was founded in 2005 with the mission of developing a web-based practice management and medical billing application based fully on open standards. Unlike legacy systems that are rigid, complex, expensive and proprietary, OpenPM was written to be flexible, easy to use, cost effective and fully compliant with industry standards.

Open standards based technology reduces the cost and risk of implementation and promotes the kind of interoperability that is needed in healthcare today. OpenPM is written in Java to provide write once, run anywhere flexibility and makes practice management available on demand – accessible via your Internet browser.

OpenPM offers a fully-integrated system that can automate billing and accounts receivables and produce extensive reports to help you better manage your organization. As a browser based application, OpenPM provides a level of access never before possible; allowing you to improve cash flow and office productivity by offering automated solutions for:

  • Secure Web Access from Anywhere
  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling
  • Real Time Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Registration with Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Coding Error Checking by Payer
  • One-Click Claims Submission
  • Automatic Posting of ERA
  • Statement Processing with e-Delivery Available
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • PDF or Spreadsheet Formatted Reports
  • Patient Payment Portal
  • Inter & Intra Office Messaging
  • Document Scanning & Management
  • Form Generator
  • Collections Management
  • Financial Benchmarking Graphs
  • And Much More…

It is our desire to partner with our billing service and medical practice clients to automate and improve every aspect of the revenue cycle.

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