Open Practice (OP) was founded in 2005 with the mission of developing a web-based practice management and medical billing application that fully incorporated all components of the revenue cycle. Everything from traditional PM and billing functions, to EDI and patient A/R tools (statements / letters / automated calls) have been seamlessly wed together, providing our users a complete end-to-end revenue management solution that is true to our motto: It’s all about getting you paid!

OP has grown tremendously over the years and now serves clients in 40 states and across all time zones. By combining a robust and ever-improving suite of products, with outstanding customer service, we have seen double digit growth in every year we have been in business.

Open standards based technology reduces the cost and risk of implementation and promotes the kind of interoperability that is needed in healthcare today. OpenPM is one of the only true web-based solutions available today, providing you access to our powerful suite of tools with nothing more than your Internet browser. OpenPM not only automates your billing and accounts receivables, it also produces extensive reports to help you better manage your organization. OpenPM provides a level of access never before possible; allowing you to improve cash flow and office productivity by offering:

  • Secure Web Access from Anywhere
  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling
  • Real Time Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Registration with Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Coding Error Checking by Payer
  • One-Click Claims Submission
  • Automatic Posting of ERA
  • Statement Processing with e-Delivery Available
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • PDF or Spreadsheet Formatted Reports
  • Patient Payment Portal
  • Inter & Intra Office Messaging
  • Document Scanning & Management
  • Form Generator
  • Collections Management
  • Financial Benchmarking Graphs, and more…

It is our desire to partner with our billing service and medical practice clients to automate and improve every aspect of the revenue cycle.

Hear what people are saying about OpenPM

“Claim turnaround and patient payment turnaround is fantastic. On the average, we are seeing a 7 day claim turnaround for primary claims, less than 30 day turnaround for patient payments and secondary payments!! I can always get someone on the phone to help me when we have questions which is great.”

Christy Mattey, Physicians in Family Practice

“We are paying less for a much better system, support, and frequent updates than we were paying for maintenance alone on our old system. And we never got updates on that system. I am very happy I never have to purchase another server!”

Dr. Talish, Pediatric Partners

“The support staff never makes me feel bad for calling with simple questions. I used to wait days for a call back and now when I am not sure how to do something in the system I know I can get an answer in minutes. Thank you!”

Susan Punsky, Associates in Internal Medicine

“We held on to our old Unix system for many more years than we wanted to because we couldn’t find a system that we could afford that had the power and flexibility to run our growing billing company. With OpenPM we have been able to grow our business and are now managing more clients with fewer employees.”

Jay Chambers, PMSB

“We were using one of the leading national systems in our service bureau, but the license fees were hurting our ability to add new accounts. We now use OpenPM for all of our new customers. We can get a new client up and running immediately without any of the upfront costs that slowed us down in the past.”

Jules Stanton, Billing Professionals

Company History

Etactics is a profitable, debt-free privately held company providing clearinghouse & statement processing services to over 2,500 ambulatory practices. After listening to client feedback over the years regarding the lack of affordable and robust Practice Management systems, Etactics decided to investigate this apparent need in the market.

Market research confirmed what clients had been reporting; the push for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems had resulted in a lack of meaningful Practice Management software development. The systems that were affordable to small and mid-sized practices had weak and ineffective A/R management tools. The fact that EMR is universally difficult for providers to adopt ensures that the bulk of development for years to come will continue to be focused on EMR. Open Practice was founded in 2005 as a division of Etactics to address this market need.

It was decided that the key to delivering an affordable solution was leveraging open systems technology to develop the software, and leveraging the power of the Internet to deploy the software. After several years of development, in close consultation with clients and industry consultants, OpenPM was released.

OpenPM was developed using Java based Application Service Provider (ASP) technology. Java is platform independent which protects your investment against technology obsolescence. OpenPM has run successfully on platforms ranging from handheld devices to mainframe computers without altering one line of code!

Advancements in this technology have meant that practices can now quickly and inexpensively deploy the latest software technology while taking advantage of the security of a Tier-4 data center. The highest levels of security and data redundancy are now affordable for small and mid-sized practices.

As part of a premier provider of claims and remittance management services, Open Practice is in a unique position to provide practices a never before seen level of accounts receivables control. OpenPM was built around the claims processing engine of Etactics and users enjoy powerful benefits such as:

  • Full claims management from within OpenPM
  • One -”click” claims submission
  • Real-time claims status tracking
  • Automated work-lists for claims and denial management
  • Remittance files that are processed automatically

Our focus has always been and will continue to be on “…getting you paid“.