Is your staff spending hours making appointment reminder calls or chasing down patients for payments?

Now Open Practice presents ReminderPlus, a solution for integrating calling technology into your practice management mix. Not only will your staff’s time be better utilized, but ultimately your bottom line will reflect the increased revenue from decreasing your no-shows and receiving your self-pay payments in a more timely fashion.

Our advanced ReminderPlus system features:

  • Fully customizable set-ups for multiple providers; multiple messages and many other configurations.
  • No additional software or equipment to buy and as with all of our products, it is fully web-enabled
  • 24/7 and accessible to you at any time.
  • Complete reporting with detailed logs provided to you of all call outcomes.
  • Optional prompts for “call to action” or redirection to your office staff for resolution.
  • Additional messaging options include e-mail and text messaging capabilities.

Preserve your valued patient relationships by using ReminderPlus to make your calls. Messages can be presented in very specific terms based on Appointment Type, or can simply be a general reminder. Using automated calls as a pre-collection method is a diplomatic approach to communicating financial notices to your patients.