No independent practice can afford to try to operate with the lackluster practice management and billing capabilities that come with your favorite EHR.

This is especially true when you aren’t running a small practice.  OpenPM is built with the enterprise grade functionality required to automate routine RCM functions while streamlining the exceptions that need to be managed.

Clean claims can process automatically all the way from documentation sign-off, through insurance submission and adjudication, to patient billing and payment processing, without any staff involvement.

Integration to over 100 clinical systems and advanced integration with over fifteen top rated EHRs allows you to implement a no-compromise approach to technology in your organization.

Don’t change your workflow to fit your software, we can accommodate your unique needs while suggesting best practices along the way.

Standard features include:

  • Flexible and customizable worklist assignments to manage conditions requiring special processing/anomalies
  • Comprehensive Reporting and custom queries across all system records
  • Full EDI integration eliminates the need to separately manage or log into a clearinghouse
  • Automate all aspects of the insurance and patient billing cycle – only manage the exceptions
    • Charge Management Rules – auto-process clean claims, and catch common billing mistakes before they are rejected or denied
    • Job Scheduler automates: eligibility verification, claims submission, statement processing, reporting etc.
    • Automated ERA posting – custom ERA rules created for each payer to manage common exceptions and route the ones to the appropriate work queues
    • Automated billing of patient responsible balances with customizable business rules to manage follow-up (email/text) and consideration for pre-collections activities