The Patient-Friendly Billing initiative examined the issues involved in collecting and communicating billing information to patients and issued reports stating that patient bills should be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Correct
  • Patient friendly

Open Practice is committed to the goal of improving the healthcare system through Patient Friendly Billing. Our statement services are designed to be both patient friendly and effective. Design features such as our top-line summary and technical offerings such as our patient payment portal help:

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve accounts receivable
  • Increase collections

Our statements organize information according to how patients interact with it. The most important information is summarized in large font in the top-line summary: account number, amount due and due date. If your statement data does not contain a due date, we can calculate one based on whatever criteria you choose.

The detail area can be modified to eliminate codes and other information that might confuse patients. Other columns of data can be rearranged to increase clarity.

Full Variable Digital Color

Studies have proven that the use of color in print communications greatly enhances comprehension and recall:

  • Color improves message comprehension by consume by as much as 80%
  • Color and text working in concert improve recall by as much as 82%
  • Brand identity increases by 70% when color is added

Our full variable digital color statements empower you to accomplish multiple goals.

  • Transpromotional Messages – Promote important health system events and services through selective color and graphic variable messaging. Reinforce any “branding” or “style” initiatives by your system.
  • Accelerate Payments – Clearly communicate your payment expectations. Incorporate full-color credit card logos and highlighted dunning messages. Drive payment activity to a website for quicker and easier payments.
  • Creative Freedom – You can incorporate full-color photos and illustrations. Utilize watermarks and highlighted banners. Make changes as often as you need.

Customer Backers

You pay for both sides of the statement and we feel that you should be able to use them both. Open Practice uses duplex printing to image the back side of all statements at the same time the front is printed. This means that the information printed on the back is just as readable as what is printed on the front. It also means that information on the backer can be changed immediately without wasting stock. Business rules can be established to print different backers according to categories such as patient financial type:

  • Medicare
  • Commercial insurance
  • Secondary insurance
  • Self-pay
  • Bilingual

Now you can have a custom backer regardless of statement volume. In addition to the conventional request for change of address and/or insurance information, you can use the backer to communicate other important information:

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Explain financial policy
  • Define terms
  • Marketing information

. . .it’s all about getting paid!

Paperless Statements

The Patient Friendly Billing task force’s research shows that patients want to be able to pay their bills online. Also a new study by Deloitte Healthcare in 2008 showed that 55% of consumers want to communicate with their physician online. Our ConnectPlus portal allows them to do that and much more:

  • E-delivery of statements
  • Pay by check, credit or debit card
  • Change address information
  • Enter or correct insurance information
  • Enter comments that help resolve accounts
  • View your financial policy and/or refer to Frequently Asked Questions
  • View a glossary that helps them understand commonly used terms and jargon
  • View, print or download PDF images of their bill
  • Manage their own interface

All capabilities described above are configurable according to your preferences. Patients are provided a user name and password on their patient statements or can determine their own password for e-delivered statements. Access to the secure payment portal can be through a link on your web site or directly from the payment portal’s website.

“Go Green” with Open Practice! This initiative saves the environment and your company time, money and the resources that come with managing a paper invoice system. ConnectPlus is your “Green Solution” for patient billing.


No matter how well-designed the billing communication, the patient sometimes requires assistance from customer service. Our free eView service gives customer support the ability to clarify billing issues, reduce disputes and improve collections by viewing the same letters and statements the caller is holding.

  • Provide 24/7 viewing and retrieval of statements, invoices
    and/or letters
  • Improve efficiency by providing instant response to
    customer questions
  • No file maintenance or on-site storage required
  • Access through secure, HIPAA-compliant Member Area of Open Practice’s web site
  • Retrieve, view and/or print all variable pages in the statement set including cover letters, the statement and any continuation pages
  • PDF images are compact and take only seconds to display
  • Zoom in or view entire page
  • Download Adobe Reader for free from the internet
  • Install Adobe Reader on any PC for free
  • Share documents easily with anyone with no additional expenses

. . .it’s all about getting paid!


  • Appointment Readers
  • Recall
  • Test Results

Information that your system generates for patient recall, appointment reminders and test results can be uploaded in virtually any readable format to our secure web site. All files are 128-bit encrypted to comply with HIPAA requirements to protect private health information.

We merge the information in your file with all the information that your patient needs to know – including maps, directions and instructions. Bilingual formats are available to meet the needs of Low English Proficiency patients.

We will mail a letter directly to your patient. Patient recalls are not only good medicine; they can also improve your bottom line. Appointment reminders can help assure that patients are properly prepared and arrive when they are scheduled. Results reports fulfill mandated requirements for written communications and can reach patients who are inaccessible by telephone.

You can also elect to use our Automated Appointment Reminder or Recall Phone Call service. These activities can be completed in a fraction of the time and expense it takes to manually place these calls. These messages can be tailored to handle multiple patient demographics with customized script formats for automated delivery.


New USPS Mandates:

Each year more than 44 million Americans (18-20% of all households and businesses) relocate and more than 23% of all mail contains addressing errors. According to the USPS, undeliverable mail due to bad addresses cost the Post Office nearly two billion dollars a year and the cost estimated to the associated businesses is twice that – 4 billion dollars!

In response, the Post Office has committed to reducing the volume of undeliverable mail by 50% by 2010. To achieve this objective, the USPS is mandating changes that impact all mailers.

What can you do to help? Better addresses of course.

How? Use the most current information by utilizing tools like NCOALink and eCorrect, which provide a whole new level of real-time address correction services.

Open Practice helps minimize this undeliverable mail and its associated costs.

Our standard address processing includes the use of Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) approved software to correct addressing deficiencies. We correct delivery line deficiencies related to errors in street name, house or P.O. Box number, secondary number, street directional/suffix and rural routes or rural box numbers. We correct last line deficiencies related to errors in the ZIP.

NCOALink: Provides access to the USPS National Change of Address system.

We process the addresses contained in your statement and/or letter files to see if any of the people in the file have instructed the USPS to forward their mail to a new address. A change of address record is added to the USPS database when an individual, family or business submits a Change of Address card to the USPS. If there is a match, the new address is substituted for the address contained in your file. These address updates are then identified in a report so that you can keep your address file current.